Working at DongIT

Developing the future.

What does DongIT do?

DongIT brings the disciplines of web development and web security together. We develop, protect and manage web applications and web infrastructures. We focus on high traffic websites and privacy-sensitive systems. Besides development and management, we conduct security assessments (pentests) on ​​web applications and infrastructures. The work is varied and projects are diverse. For more background information see our website or contact us.

Why work at DongIT?

DongIT is growing rapidly. Working at DongIT means you will be working together in a highly productive, ambitious team, where both independence and flexibility are appreciated and required. You delivered work will immediately have a great impact on the present and future of DongIT. We strive to spend our time on projects that matter. Our office is located in Leiden, but you can basically work wherever you want.

We do not accept applicants through recruiters

We do not accept applicants through recruiters, employment agencies, headhunters and outsourcing organizations. If you send us an e-mail message, we will refer to this section, in which we indicate that we would be very grateful if you stop emailing us and remove us from the marketing list.

Application procedure

You can apply for one of the vacancies via the contact page or by calling us. If you qualify for the job on which you are applying, you will be invited for an interview. If this goes well, you will make a programming test or test-case as part of the application process. A last meeting will follow after successfully finishing this test.

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