TriageExpert tracking system

About the Insurance for Partially Incapacitated Employees (IPIE) tracking system

The Insurance for Partially Incapacitated Employees-tracking system by TriageExpert and DongIT is the only tracking system in the Netherlands that is specifically used for managing IPIE inflow-risks and IPIE population. The tracking system allows team members consisting of i.e. the case-manager, employment expert, insurance doctor and legal expert to work together without difficulty. The system monitors time periods and proactively provides opportunities and risks, giving full information to its users.

Security, privacy and efficiency

Security and privacy are essential parts of the tracking system. Data of principals and beneficiaries need to be protected at any time. During design and development of the application and arrangement of the servers, many measures were taken to ensure security. Another striking feature of the tracking system is its efficiency. In contrast to standard web applications, the tracking system is programmed in such a way that only specific information is enlisted when requesting a page. This means that the user interface is faster and easier to work with, while resources on the webserver are more efficiently used.

CakePHP as foundation

DongIT builds all its web application based on open source software. Development of the tracking system has been done in Open Source framework CakePHP. CakePHP contains many build-in functionalities, including features to prevent consistent vulnerabilities such as cross-site scripting, SQL-injecties and cross-site request forgery. Development is according to MVC conventions, producing a clean and maintainable source code.