Sportways Backoffice

About Sportways

Sportways is the organizer of over 2000 hockeycamps, clinics and tours on annual base. Hockey events take place in the Netherlands, Europe and also overseas in Africa and the USA. Hockey players with the age of 4 until 21 can participate events regardless of their level. Organizing over 2000 events means handling a large amount of subscriptions, therefore Sportways rely on their management. The following features are implemented in the back-office of Sportways:

  • create new camps
  • create newsletters
  • search participants
  • group mail (local mail, Campaign Monitor)
  • SMScity sending SMS to participants
  • edit sign-ups (camp, cancel, extra options, etc)
  • create/ staff members
  • statistics (amount of subscriptions, payments, etc)
  • incasso, bank en iDEAL payments
  • ClieOps for autmatic money collection from bank

Exact Online connection

Exact Online is a global company and leading provider in business software solutions, including the implementation of Exact Online software within your own software framework (CMS). DongIT has implemented different elements such as invoices and relations within the Sportways software framework. Information is sent to Exact Online through XML-formed messages based on the XML-standard. A typical response message contains information about the transaction which can be used within the CMS.

CakePHP as framework

Sportways is built on the open source framework CakePHP. CakePHP uses the concept of Model-View-Control to keep source-code separated and benefits the readability and maintenance. CakePHP also offers a lot of built-in functionalities to prevent security vulnerabilities.