Planning tool Maessen Tenten

Maessen Tenten Project Planner

Maessen Tenten is experienced in building tents for large events and organisations. Planning events is a complex task as it is coherent with the availability of personnel, tents and vehicles. Each day teams are created and divided amongst the tents that need to be build up or taken apart. Planning used to be done using an Excel-sheet which lacked a monthly overview. The sheet needed to be opened away from the office on location using an iPad.

DongIT proposed to convert the Excel into a webapplication, with full availability on location. DongIT proposed an agenda and overview of event planning. From the agenda every project can be edited and saved with a single click.

Key features available:

  • Agenda with project events
  • Using responsive layout for iPad / tablet
  • Divide day into teams and add personel and vehicles
  • Per team ability to divide tent / project (build up / take down)
  • SMS functionality - update and inform personnel with working schedule through SMS

CakePHP as foundation

The Open Source framework CakePHP was chosen for the development of the planning tool. CakePHP contains many standard features including built-in functions to avoid common vulnerabilities, such as cross-site scripting, SQL-injection and cross-site request forgery. In addition, CakePHP guides to develop according to MVC-conventions to produce clean and manageable code.