Makro Nederland

Started in 1968 in Amsterdam, Makro has grown to be a renowned brand with over 600 stores worldwide and 17 in The Netherlands. Since 1998, Makro is incorporated in METRO Group. Makro Nederland is part of the METRO Cash & Carry International department.

Makro Nederland has 17 self-service wholesale stores. The organisation has food- and non-food selections of over more than 60.000 products, all in one building. Makro wants to provide service to her customers by making shopping easier and more efficient. This goes with an extensive package of products and services. Makro has over 5.400 employees in the Netherlands.

METRO Cash & Carry International

METRO Cash & Carry International is the sales division of METRO Group (one of the largest and most influential international retail companies) and is represented in 34 countries with over 100.000 employees worldwide.

Makro Web Protection advice 

DongIT advised Makro with setting guidelines for development of safe web applications. These guidelines will be used for all web applications of Makro Nederland. Next to this, DongIT gave a presentation at the headoffice of Makro in Diemen about the current status of web protection with specific real-life examples to raise the awareness of the Makro IT Group.