University of Leiden Party Law

About the website Party Law in Modern Europe

The Party Law in Modern Europe's website, part of Leiden University, is the portal for research in legal regulation of political parties in post-world war II European democracies. The site contains a database of legislation, information, news and publications associated with research projects in this field. 

Croogo CMS upgrade

The Party Law in Modern Europe's website has been outfitted with a big, major version, upgrade to the open-source and free Content Management System (CMS) Croogo and the underlying development framework CakePHP. Croogo CMS enables you to manage and create content for your website. To make the website upgrade-ready, a substantial part of the codebase has been refactored, increasing both the performance and future maintainability.

No longer supported software, a significant security risk

Next to previously mentioned benefits of the CMS upgrade, the upgrade also significantly improved the website's security, which was of high priority to Leiden University. In general, software, such as a CMS or development framework, that's no longer supported forms a significant security risk. Bugs, errors and mistakes in these types of software are no longer patched, forming an easy target for hackers, who make use of this knowledge on a massive scale. Code and instructions to abuse these security holes are generally easy to come by; they can be found on the internet without too much effort. For this reason, it's of great importance that all components of your website/ web application are updated and upgraded regularly.