The Continuous Choice

The Continuous Choice – submitting and processing surveys on a large-scale

DongIT has developed a webservice for market research agency The Choice, making it possible to send out e-mail invitations for surveys to customers on large-scale. After recipients have completed the surveys, data is automatically processed.

Survey researches of major parties such as Hunkemöller make use of this particular webservice, sending out between 1 to 1.2 million surveys per year to its customers. DongIT developed the application in such a way that it is able to process large quantities of data at high speed.


Survey process improvement

Development of the webservice has made the survey process of The Choice more effective. Hosting, setting up surveys, data collection and data distribution used to be performed by different parties. This led to redundant costs. The webservice of DongIT supports the entire process from hosting till data distribution, which has reduced costs and improved the survey process.

Development webservice

DongIT developed the webservice from scratch. The webservice is built generically, making it possible for other survey parties to easily get connected. Programming has been done in CakePHP3, the latest version of CakePHP. This makes the webservice ready for the future, in order to adapt to changes and market developments. It also makes the webservice easy to expand, adjust and update.

Your own webservice for submitting large quantities of surveys or forms?

Do you regularly send out surveys or forms to your customers? Are you planning to do so in the future? Are you looking for a way to keep in contact or receive feedback from your customers in a convenient and structured manner? DongIT offers custom-made development of a webservicefor your company, providing you a quick and effective way to organize all correspondence with your customers.

Contact DongIT if you want to have a webservice developed, by phone: +31 71 5249213, or ask for a non-binding proposal through the contact form.