Website migration

Migration of websites and web projects

DongIT takes care of the migration of your entire website or web projects to any new platform. A platform migration has large consequences for your website. Therefore, it is important to prepare the transition in detail. We provide full support on this, taking into account the complexity and care needed, making sure you will not face any unpleasant surprises after the migration process is completed.

Improve performance through migration

During and after the migration process, DongIT will make sure you keep or improve the performance, value, style and appearance of your website. We grasp the opportunities of the migration to improve the overall performance of your website and make it more efficient and effective.

How do I initiate a website migration?

A migration of a large project will require a lot of preparation. Therefore, it is important that collaboration and communication runs smoothly. Together with you, the web experts of DongIT map out a timeline and discuss which preparations and changes are needed to ensure a smooth migration. Contact us to discuss the options without any obligations.