Laravel web development

Web development based Laravel

Laravel is an open-source PHP web framework, set up by Taylor Otwell in 2011. A web framework is the basis from which to build - the underlying structure of a website or web application. The goal of a web framework is to automate certain activities that often occur in software development for the web.

Taylor Otwell created the first version of Laravel in 2011 because he was looking for a more advanced yet simple to use framework. Many of the existing frameworks did not offer support for frequently used functionalities such as authentication and authorization of web applications. Previously, before web frameworks existed, the software developer had to unsubscribe all the code to build an application. Now he can use a framework for certain frequently used functionalities on websites or web applications. The work of a web developer is thus simplified because not every time the wheel needs to be reinvented.

Laravel is the most used PHP framework on GitHub (the Facebook for developers). More than 31,500 around the world have 'framed' the framework, which means something like copying and using the code, without affecting the original project.

Open-source framework

Around 2005 the first open source web frameworks came on the market. Open source means - as the name implies - that the source code of the software is published and freely available to the public. Everyone can freely copy, modify and distribute the code without having to pay for it.

The advantage of open source software is that the code is often better maintained. There are many more developers who work with it. The underlying idea of ​​'open source' is actually the 'sharing is caring' principle - you all go further than alone. Because a very large group of people use the code, the code is often better maintained and there is often more innovation.

The main advantages of Laravel

  • The main advantages of Laravel The code with which the framework is built is known as a nice, simple and easily readable code. This makes Laravel applications often stable, reliable and a lot better to maintain and expand.
  • That tasks that normally take a lot of time are built in Laravel within a few minutes with built-in functions. This saves a lot of time in the development process and in maintaining the software.
  • There is detailed documentation for developers, and the Laravel community is very friendly and helpful. Because it is open source, the developer is not dependent on one party for the information, but you have more than 30,000 other developers at your disposal who may be able to help you.