Content management system (CMS)

What is a content management system?

The content management system (CMS) is the crucial functional centre of any website. A decent CMS extensively shortens the path of development for your website. Hence you will be able to maintain and update your website, with no specific technical knowledge needed. We create a user friendly web environment for you to easily place documents and change the content of your site. Using a high-quality CMS forms the solid basis for all our web projects.

Drupal CMS

DongIT is strongly convinced that a CMS based on an open source solution offers the best possibilities for the future of web development. That’s why we work regularly with Drupal, a worldwide used open source CMS. New functionalities (called modules) are constantly added, improved and adjusted to the newest techniques. Consequently, web development finds maximal support in every way. With Drupal, maintenance and management of your site will always be user friendly. 

Adding extra functionalities and applications next to the standard solutions that Drupal offers, is easy, fast, smart and low in costs. The network of knowledge that Drupal developers share all over the world, has proved to be the basis of countless web solutions, both today and in the future. 

CMS development by DongIT

Packed with spirit and enthusiasm, DongIT works on the full realization, improvement and maximization of your website in, for example, Drupal CMS. We build up specific functionalities and applications, or convert the design of a website from Adobe Photoshop / Illustrator to a Drupal template. When it comes to support, advice and designing of Drupal, DongIT stands for an innovative and creative solution. This goes hand in hand with an open dialogue with you, always parallel with your ideas. And of course, never losing focus on the goals and results of your company.

Integration with other content management systems

Besides Drupal, DongIT has a widespread experience with – and knowledge of other CMS solutions. So when you don’t use Drupal (for example because you rely on a different CMS), we are more than willing and able to support you with designing, expanding or maximizing your web developments. Do not hesitate to contact us.