Web Development

What we can do for you

DongIT supports and advises on designing, implementing, growth and optimization of websites, intranets, extranets, portals, knowledge systems, e-commerce solutions, online communities and other various web applications. By using the latest techniques and standards we ensure your web software will be fast, scalable and easy to use.

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Specific requirements?

For specialist development projects or specific requests, please contact DongIT directly.

Open standards and techniques

DongIT works with open standards and techniques, meaning you are not bound to the expertise of just one party and will have no licensing costs or other contractual obligations. We use open source development frameworks for quick and reliable development. We don’t reinvent the wheel, but build upon existing functionalities.

Development frameworks

DongIT mainly uses two development frameworks: Laravel and Drupal. Choosing the most suitable framework depends on the required functionalities of the web application. Drupal is usually better suited for managing content-based applications, whereas Laravel is often used for highly customized web applications. Both frameworks offer developers many benefits for solid web development and are supported by a large support community.


Organizations offering online customer IT-services are widespread nowadays. Information is made available from and for every internet connection. Attackers take advantage of this opportunity by attacking online services. DongIT recognizes this problem and sees a trend of organizations requesting security for their confidential/valuable information. DongIT keeps track of security flaws and vulnerabilities in software development and uses its knowledge from web audits to secure websites and online services.

Agile software development

DongIT saves time on development and meets client requests by using agile development methodologies. Instead of trying to fully work out a complete plan beforehand, DongIT plans and develops in short iterations. This way, programming can start directly and the client can keep track of the progression made. This provides extra room for possible improvements and additional features during the development cycle. DongIT’s methodology ensures the developed code always optimally fits the client’s requests..

Precision and efficiency

DongIT focuses at efficiency and careful documentation of its web development. This way we ensure that your web application is not unnecessarily complex and therefore expensive. DongIT aims at easy usage and focuses on future development.