DongIT at TEDx about Internet Security

TEDx Talk DongIT - Internet Security and Ethical Hacking

On Friday, June 9, 2017, our colleague Wouter van Dongen spoke at the TEDx event in Veghel, Netherlands. Along with 19 other speakers, he spoke 20 minutes for an audience of 500 people. The theme "And then the light went out.." was illustrated by the consequences of hacking and potential hazards on the Internet. Wouter first spoke about his own experiences and hacks he has done in the past with great consequences, and pointed out some other well-known hacks such as the Stuxnet virus (2010) and hacked SCADA-systems (2012).

The audience was delighted with nice anecdotes and interesting facts. For most attendees, it was a true eye-opener and created more awareness about the potential dangers on the web and online behavior. The TEDx event in Veghel was arranged with a hearty lunch and afterwards a networking drink where all speakers were personally approachable.

See the TEDx Talk (in Dutch) below: