About us

"Web experts. DongIT uses knowledge and experience from

web development for security audits and vice versa."

Vision & Methods


DongIT approaches projects in a phased and structured manner. Clear milestones, tangible mid-term results and commitment form the core of our approach. The relationship with our clients is based on trust and professionalism. From first initiative until evaluation.


DongIT is constantly looking for the best solutions for its clients. By frequently providing technical advice on its own initiative, DongIT has built up strong relationships with its clients. Whenever new technical developments can simplify or improve previously realized systems, clients are immediately notified.


DongIT advocates strong dynamics in creative projects. During a web development project, the client is able to have a ‘live’ peek in the development environment. This makes it possible to interactively redirect results, functionalities and designs. DongIT will make your ambitions become reality in the most effective way.

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Latest News